March 30 - April 4, 2025
Stockholm, Sweden

March 30 - April 4, 2025

Stockholm, Sweden

Short Courses

We welcome the submission of proposals for Short Courses at EuCAP 2025. Short Courses are intended to provide a focused presentation of a scientific and/or application topic by one or very few high-level experts, within the areas of research of the antennas and propagation community. 

Please note that at EuCAP 2025, Short Courses will be organized on Sunday afternoon (March 30), which is a change from previous editions.

Short courses can be of the following types:


For an audience of researchers already having a good basic knowledge of the field. A time slot may be reserved at the end of the course to foster a deeper discussion between the participants and the speakers.


For an audience that has no special pre-existing knowledge of the topic and is interested in grasping the essentials of state-of-the-art technology, current challenges, and future perspectives. Such short courses may be of interest for young and even experienced engineers and researchers.

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The proposals must be submitted using the template. They can involve 1 or 2 instructors and must be submitted by 8 November, 2024, via email to

All proposals will be subject to review by the Short Courses Chair and the Technical Programme Chairs. The receipt of proposals will be acknowledged via email. The acceptance/rejection notification will be provided no later than 9 December, 2024. It will be based on multiple criteria, such as (non-exhaustively) the coverage of EuCAP scientific areas, the relevance and topical character of the subject and the size of the expected audience.

Advanced and tutorial Short Courses will be a half-day in length (3 hours of course plus a break). The instructor(s) must be aware that an accepted short course will be cancelled if fewer than 5 participants have registered by the deadline. In this respect, instructors are encouraged to advertise the Short Course through their own networks and dissemination channels. These Short Courses will take place on Sunday afternoon. It is the responsibility of the instructor to distribute the course material to the participants.